Our cases

Get inspired by some of our customer cases.

Case 1

Manufacturer extends cross border deliveries:


Our customer, a large clothing manufacturer, has really good grip on the local market and is experiencing increased interest from potential customers, end-users abroad. A thorough analysis of export opportunities reveals, that distribution costs would increase the costs significantly. Unless there is a smart solution to the shipments to the many potential end-users abroad. The customer expects to send a total of 5000 to 200,000 parcels per country per year. In addition to the EU countries, focus on Norway and a few non-EU countries.


Parcel4you carries out an analysis of delivery options in order to optimize the distribution flow and the expected shipping costs. The solution is a combination of distributors in consultation with the customer demand for quality and price, which varies from country to country. Thus, shipping costs are much more favourable, due to the total volume of Parcel4you. The shipping process is controlled via joined interface. Even though, the delivery set up involves several distributors – depending on the destination country – all shipments are managed by one single system.


Several test parcels of the selected services / solutions for each country are sent before all parcels are transferred to the new setup. Customer is assigned to the joint shipping platform to print labels, run track and trace and management reports. Parcel4you offers a training and a permanent contact person in case of any needs.

Customer benefits:

After the test period gives the customer the green light. The customer can now comply with all inquiries from abroad, sell and deliver – all that at competitive prices. Thus increases its growth. The customer is now competitive in cross border delivery to new markets. Parcel4you has made it possible for the customer to compete on equal terms in relation to the local competitors. At the same time Parcel4you has given the customer the ability to manage and control all shipments through a joint shipping platform – with track and trace, labels and reports.

Case 2

From Far East directly to end users:


The customer has production in Far East, from which the products are sent directly to end users in most the EU countries, those outside EU and to the United States. They use two major and leading suppliers – one per each continent. They use the two different operating systems, as each vendor has his own. The customer therefore lacks a comprehensive overview. In addition, the customer learns that the suppliers are not always competitive in each market. The customer will have a smarter and sharper solution.


Experts from Parcel4you introduce several possibilities for improvement. To begin with, Parcel4you introduces a joint IT platform, that can manage all the parcels and shipments, regardless of which vendor they are sent with. Secondly Parcel4you submits a proposal with an overview of services, transport times, last mile distributor and prices in each country.

Customer benefits:

A joint IT platform, that provides an overview of all shipments worldwide

Sharp prices – using the best supplier to the price per each country

Good service – personal customer service that sets the customer in focus.

Case 3

Web-shop solves its returns nightmare


A well-known clothing manufacturer experiences significant challenges with products that are returned due to a long processing time. It often takes too long before the goods are received and checked in stock until the returns are finalized and completed. The situation results with dissatisfied customers and frustrated employees under pressure. A quick and smart solution is sought.


Handling of returned orders is moved to another high-technology and strategically very advantageous located return centre specializing in carrying out returns. The professionally and strategically located return centre helps to cut the return time down considerably.

Customer benefits:

The processing time of the return is reduced from 2 weeks to 2 days

Satisfied customers who are returning

Happier staff